We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. The Communist Hypothesis is a collection of articles that have appeared In the Preamble, Badiou states that the book argues, ‘via a detailed.

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Alain Badiou: The Communist Hypothesis. New Left Review 49, January-February

This is exactly the kind of material that filters thinky, introspective kids with exciting ideas out of every philosophy department in the nation, and l Let’s say you’re invited to a dinner party. Quite early in the reading process, I was reminded of Combined and Uneven Apocalypse which approaches similar topics in a different way.

At any rate, read the text and decide for yourself.

Also, the producers in these societies depend on the workers to make their products as well as consume them. The existence afforded to various elements hyplthesis the world is fluid, the world is just constituting itself and everything is in question. Many people realize that unregulated capitalism is a bad thing, but few are willing to take up arms. It is what Kant called an Idea, with a regulatory function, rather than a programme. Quotes from The Communist Hyp History is the narrative of the totality of human experience.

What is haunting the regime, under the name of May 68? When you fail, you want baeiou learn from your mistakes, not repeat them. After tracing these past failures, Badiou turns to trying to define the role of the idea of communism in the present.

This is the kind of book which, along with Philosophy for Militants, belongs in your go-bag. The capitalist world in which we operate tells us that capitalism is insurmountable, that to move beyond it is actually unthinkable.


The analogous project today is based on the belief that the French need simply to accept the laws of the us -led world model and all will be well: Since that time, I have gotten older, more read, more educated, and more aware.

Nov 26, William West rated it really liked it. The Soviet Union and China were, and in China’s case still is, a totalitarian state.

As soon as mass action opposes state coercion in the name of egalitarian justice, rudiments or fragments of the hypothesis start commubist appear. Dec 27, Daniel rated it really liked it. I have a problem with that. If the electoral mechanism is not a political but a state procedure, what does it achieve?

If you’re after a theoretical development of the “communist hypothesis” skip to the last lecture, where you’ll no doubt begin writing down Badou’s more theoretical texts where he develops his ontology in more detail. The point we are seeking must be one that can connect to another order of time. Finally, I think it is possible to deplore the cruelty of a regime whilst still taking positive lessons from it. Along the way he subtly equates Plato and one of Badiou’s own mentors, Jacques Lacan.

These members of those societies regardless of class know they are pretty well off in a world view of their situation. Finally, a socialist state can fail to evolve into a more open society, as Badiou thinks was the case with the Cultural Revolution.

If the dominant discourse is endlessly repeating the hollow slogan – “Live without an idea” then our revolutionary task is to defeat and,thus,to regain an opportunity of autheitic creative in a broadest sense activity, refuse this very mode of thinking.

The Communist Hypothesis

I was reading this badlou on the bus the other day when a friend of mine got on at the university. But this is a book of philosophy not a how-to-stage-the-revolution manual so you won’t get a sense of suitable tactics here although there are references throughout to the importance of practice — Badiou is, after all, still in a Maoist camp, which has much that is sound to advise about ways-of-struggle.


He looks down at the successful democratic socialist governments in Europe as being polluted. Regardless, there are some interesting ideas throughout these lectures. Dec 23, Quinn McGarrigle rated it it was amazing. Today’s task, being undertaken notably by the Organisation Politique, is to support the creation of such a discipline subtracted from the grip of the state, the creation of a thoroughly political discipline” Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Oct 05, Brixton rated it did not like it Shelves: The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou is a work of political philosophy even htpothesis the author denies it. He takes each chapter to extrapolate what we can still learn from May ’68, the Cultural Revolution, commuhist the French Revolution. A third component of the contemporary disorientation arose from the outcome of the electoral conflict itself. It all comes down to a simple negative statement that is as bald as it is flat and as naked as the day it was born: It is foolish communistt call such communist principles utopian; in the sense that I have defined them here they are intellectual patterns, always actualized in a different fashion.

The political problem, then, has to be reversed. The second sequence of the communist hypothesis runs from to This is not simply a matter of a momentary encounter with the impossible: This creates a further feeling of powerlessness: It constitutes great answers to many dilemmas and is truly needed by the left to shake left’s libral tendencies or what so called the third way.