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However, in February, I am going to the Czech Republic for five months, There, I picked up a copy of Assimil “Tcheque sans Peine”. Yes. Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. This is clearly illustrated by the 4+ star reviews on Amazon for the majority of. Un livre seul. Le tchèque est une langue slave occidentale très ancienne,aujourd ‘hui parlé par environ 11 millions de locuteurs. Destination touristique de choix.

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This does not mean that they can speak, or even understand much in the language they are learning, quite the contrary.

Czech: a Beginner’s Guide: Assimil Czech

It gives me a nice break from actual language learning but still sasimil me in the right mindset. Clearly some sort of joke Think about it this way: Complete Czech Again, I would imagine that you’re familiar with the series. Well, firstly, it’s a matter of practicality. See and discover other items: However, I am also interested to see if letting go of English will help me think more directly in Czech.

Alexa Czdch Analytics for the Web. Yes, JayB, don’t be afraid of Czech. So for this review I decided to take on the challenge of studying a language in which I was a beginner: Sssimil post was so well appreciated by people that I’ve rewritten it and added it to lots of other unconventional tips, in the Language Hacking Guide.

Czech for English Speakers. BTW guys, I’ve just checked czehc the details of declension system for Czech nouns. Vera BTW I listened to your podcasts about ebooks and foreign language books, and I found them both very interesting ;- If you ever do buy an eReader, I would highly recommend the ‘Sony eReader Touch Edition PRS’ – a model with excellent built in dictionaries in 6 languages!


Mainly Colloquial Czech by James Naughton. With this in mind, I headed over to Gibert Jeune, a perennial favourite of Parisian students. Yes, German does indeed have cases, sssimil they are somewhat less complex than in Slavic languages.

We know this, and this is one of the reasons why we are sssimil to move ahead with new languages. Their Russian book is pretty good, I believe? The rest will come naturally. You receive free shipping if your order includes at least AED of eligible items.

Because the lessons were so succinct, I found I ended up with just the right balance of right and wrong answers to keep me motivated not so many that I grew frustrated but not so few that I became bored. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site.

For example, the Nepustilova Methoda books and CDs are wonderful for this. That’s obviously not the case of Czech!

Assimil Review: An Honest Look at the Assimil Language Learning System

I’m so excited czch But by the time YOU get there, I will already be chilling out in the hotel bar! Maths Yes, I’ve heard that there is an advantage to Slavic languages in that you can generally always tell the gender of a word from its nominative ending.

These slavic languages have hard grammmar. Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. English Choose a language for shopping. Which is better for starting out in Czech?

While in the active stage you not only listen to and read the lessons, but attempt to translate the dialogues on your own. Maths I guess you’re right.

Once that happens we’ll go through the applications. But I see the advantages on holidays: I started using TY Bulgarian months ago, but Assmiil never finished the book because it was very boring.


Your Mobile number has been verified! I am definitely not at a B2 or even B1 level, but I would say that I am somewhere in the vicinity of A2 and that I might hit B1 with another pass at the book and by more intensively working on the translations, or active phase of the book. The only critique I had is that you do have to find the time to sit down and concentrate on the lessons, which is different from some of the other resources available that are more portable.

I reckon I would need to live with Czech speakers for several years before Adsimil would be able to use it actively! I started Russian a few weeks ago, so I am not very familiar with the Slavic languages. So technically it was a first “L2”, kind of, czecj I am returning back to it. Usually I do some beginning course and then some grammar with Assimil. The book contains review sections every six chapters.

I had dabbled in the language, but my Korean reading was precarious at best, my vocabulary extremely limited and my understanding of grammar non-existent. The strengths of the Assimil method definitely lie in the way it offers context for what it teaches rather than word lists or grammar exercises isolated from how the language functions in day-to-day life. But as a non-native I will often have an element of doubt in my mind – unless I have a concrete rule to fall back on.

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