BOOK REVIEW: The Roots of Coincidence: An Excursion into Parapsychology by Arthur Koestler (Vintage Books) With psychologist Carl. Critical Review of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence”!1 by Jake Embrey The study of parapsychology, external sensory perception (ESP) and. The Roots of Coincidence. By Arthur Koestler. THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE : AN EXCURSION INTO PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Arthur Koestler.

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In short, synchronicity is where two or more unrelated events share a significant meaning but stem from meaningless causes that are unrelated and, therefore, result in a coincidence. Almost all instances quoted regarding animals reacting to things at a distance can be easily explained not as a consequence of ESP, but of their acute senses of smell and hearing.

Born in Budapest in rooots, educated in Vienna, Arthur Koestler immersed himself in the major ideological and social conflicts of his time.

The nature of scientific theories is something in which must be considered when the adoption of a new scientific ideal or theory is presented, a scientific theory must contain particular causal explanations for it to be granted satisfactory. The roots of coincidence. View my complete profile.

The Roots of Coincidence

Where there may appear proofs within physics for parapsychology there is purely hypothetical speculation; when surprising results occur within parapsychological experiments their theories do not definitively explain observations. Koestler was very aware that the idea of parapsychology marrying physics was new and controversial, but believed it would be undeniably proven in time.

May 11, M.

However, these claims of supposed scientific significance, as seen earlier, are not truly of a scientific nature nor do their explanatory theories give a sufficient explanation of the evidence; instead results seem more likely to have occurred from pure probabilistic coincidence, rather than from any extra sensory ability.


Reporting about it in New Scientist inthe rigorous and sceptical magazine concluded “chance guessing alone is not enough to explain the results. This was a somewhat guilty read.

His novels, reportage, autobiographical works, and political and cultural writings established him as an important commentator on the dilemmas of the 20th century. The best chapter is a historical overview of theories of meaningful coincidences as part of an “acausal connecting principle”, as Jung later devised it.

The Roots of Coincidence – Wikiwand

We wade through it, almost, as blind giants, thinking we are the stars of the show, when in reality we are both ridiculously tiny and, when acting normally, in control of very little at all. It is influenced by Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity and the seriality of Paul Kammerer. Koestler explains clearly and well why this is, with wry humour and genuine interest. Looking back over my last year of status updates, it is the only one which contains the word “Hawking”.

I knew about Jungs Synchronicity theory and have always been interested in the powers of the human brain. Some very silly stuff rootw. Over the next forty-three years he espoused many causes, wrote novels and biographies, and numerous essays. This obvious explanation isn’t even considered.

We live in a world dominated by wires, A book of its time published infull of disputable arguments meant to support notions of parapsychology, and occasionally adorned with mildly interesting facts. Help Center Find new research papers in: In the very next paragraph, two people were walking together and one of them pointed out an object which looked like coincieence exclamation mark.

Koestler even shows some humor in that because he acknowledges a few times he is boring the reader. However, yet again such theories lack any form of empirical support whatsoever, they are in some aspect unfalsifiable in the Popperian sense. One of five chapters of this book is titled “The perversity of Physics” and is one of the wittiest, most clinical and calculated bashing of Scientific dogmatism that I’ve ever read, though most of the lip service is rendered through quotes by Nobel Laureates, eminent Physicists and scientists including Pauli, Heisenberg, the irresistible Einstein, Oppenheimer, Arthur Eddington,George Thomson, James Jeans and some other Physicists whom I had to google and get confounded by their lengthy wikipedia pages.

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The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler

Koestler looks at the evidence for ESP, psychokinesis, telepathy, etc and suggests possible partial explanations. Most of Koestler’s arguments are actually pretty solid and his overarching theoretical framework is very elegant, widely applicable, and maybe even capable of shedding light on some very fundamental mysteries.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His slim volume The Roots of Coincidence makes for engrossing reading. Some fine bio-horror in his examples of frogs re-assembling themselves from petri dish pieces. Jul afthur, Devin rated it it was amazing Shelves: At the time this book was published inhe was criticized for promoting pseudoscience.

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Feb 18, David Balfour rated it really liked it. Piko vAn anthony, there are only eternal nows of which only you are it.

There is a terrible danger of ruining their careers by even being associated with such stuff.