Clouds (Focus Classical Library series) by Aristophanes. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure Clouds. by Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson. Jeffrey Henderson, noted Greek scholar, has translated into English one of Aristophanes’ greatest comedies. Offered with detailed notes and an enlightening . Jeffrey Henderson has 26 books on Goodreads with ratings. Three Plays by Aristophanes: Lysistrata/Women at the Thesmophoria/Assemblywomen by.

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Books Available for Review. But these are minor quibbles with a generally first-class aristopahnes. Henderson announced in his first volume that he has re-edited the text for the Loeb, and he has given us a sensible and mainly conservative text, avoiding daggers wherever he can.

Half-lines are used for the pnigos at Peacebut not at Peace or Refresh and try again. In Peacea rollicking attack on war-makers, the farmer-hero makes his famous trip to heaven on a dung beetle to discuss the issues with Zeus.

Reviewed by Ian C. Books Available for Review. In this jeftrey Loeb Classical Library edition of Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson presents a freshly edited Greek text and a lively, unexpurgated translation with full explanatory notes. His nonsense books, mo ….

Books by Jeffrey Henderson (Author of Three Plays by Aristophanes)

I found Henderson’s notes jeffrfy admirable, alerting us with all sorts of necessary information. Acharnians by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 3. In Peace, a rollicking attack on war-makers, the farmer-hero makes his famous trip to heaven on a dung beetle to discuss the issues with Zeus.

The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

At times the Americanisms jarred a bit: This gave me pause to consider the differences between Dionysia-plays and Lenaia-plays, especially the presence of the mechane. To conclude, this is a clear, accurate and certainly clever translation of Birdswith a sensible introduction and very good bibliography. Here is Henderson’s rendering of the same lines: The note to could have been expanded to refer the reader to the scanty grain-doles mentioned at Wasps Frogs by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 3.

It had always been a problem with the Loeb Classical Library that many of its major authors had to be marked ” caveat lector “, and nowhere was this more true than for the Greek dramatists. Is it purely a coincidence that the three comedies that we know belong to cloids Dionysia CloudsPeaceBirds all employ the mechanewhile the four that we know are Lenaian AcharniansKnightsWaspsFrogs do not? Fragments by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 4.

To add more books, click here. Henderso a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But in the boundless bosom of Erebus As the previous reviewer noted, “These are good times for students of Old Comedy at all levels”. Clouds by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson Translator 3.

Clouds. Wasps. Peace

Henderson has done a very great service in bringing both the the text and the antique translations of Rogers up to date. Aristophanes of Athens ca. At”Potter’s Field” is a nice try for Kerameikos, but the overtones of Judas Iscariot perhaps intrude too much.

Storey, Trent University Word count: Jeffrey Henderson, who may fairly be considered the leading Aristophanic scholar in North America, has now filled the gap admirably, and has provided us with both a useful text and idiomatic, if prosaic, translation.


Want to Read saving…. Comedy, unlike most other ancient genres, will be translated differently depending on the geographic location of the ueffrey and his audience.

Aristophanes’ Acharnians by Jeffrey Henderson liked it 3. Harvard University Press, Translations of Aristophanes inevitably need footnotes or endnotes or both to help readers with the unfamiliar allusions of comedy.

Books by Jeffrey Henderson

Translating comedy is no easy matter, for both audience and country must be kept in mind. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There is a rhythm of sorts and the alliteration in the second line will effect a nice delivery.

But I found excellent aristophannes on both the historical and dramatic background to the play, especially n. There’s a tree quite exotic, and it grows beyond Wimpdom, and it’s called Cleonymus.

This is very much a North American translation, as against Meinecke which has been criticised by some for its Anglicisms, and for the jeffgey part it gives the reader quite an accurate rendering of the Greek original. The Birth of Comedy: Three Plays by Aristophanes: Bryn Mawr Classical Review It reads well; it preserves the original line lengths, allowing the student to distinguish the iambics, the choral sections, the longer anapests, the trochaic clokds etc.

Jeffrey Henderson Editor. A few concerns about the text follow. Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in cluds tailored to your interests.