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Read a new Preface by Anne Rice about The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Now Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty. Identifier TheClaimingOfSleepingBeauty. Identifier-ark ark://t3rv6wz0n. Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR ). In the first book of the series, Anne Rice (author of Beauty’s Kingdom), writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications.

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A so-called ‘friend’ with obviously a very questionable taste in books. I am sorry,but I cannot tell you about it anymore!! Very good, my girl Is this why they appealed to so many, because people want this very combination of elements?

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure

Now first of all,let me clarify that I love erotica and the fact that this story was supposed to be an erotic-retelling of Sleeping Beauty, captured my attention. I reread this recently for a local book group. I started the third but it was just absolutely some of the craziest writing I’ve ever read. At Lockely’s inn Beauty meets the Captain of the Guard, who forces her to pleasure him and then takes her to a drunken orgy with his soldiers.

This is not the result of neglect – she deliberately sends him to people she knows will brutally, serially rape him. The style was a bit simplistic, until I realized that it was an adaptation of a fairy tale – essentially a children’s story – and then I found the style quite appropriate. And in that sense, this series can even be read as a political treatise.

With that said, this book did it for me. None anme the slaves in beaut book gave their consent for the treatment they received, nor was it sane or even safe.

It’s been touted as great BDSM fic, an erotic fairytale and a great read. There were voices that said it’s vile and horrible. Anne Rice tries to do the same, but it’s mostly just gross and depressing and sad.

Lists with This Book. Retrieved 12 October And sleepinb the writing was superb and I really slesping Anne Rice’s choice of words. The opening showed promise – he scales the castle wall and finds the cursed princess in her bower, powerless sleepinb stop him from doing Whatever – but it quickly became clear that neither the prince or his newly claimed princess-slave would be developed beyond one-dimensional cardboard archtypes.


The sexual situations in this book are anything but consensual. Retrieved 11 October The moral of Alexi’s story notwithstanding, Beauty willfully disobeys, and the book closes with her being sentenced to brutal slavery in the neighboring village while her master weeps. Sure, Prince Alexi confesses his love for Beauty, but I can’t believe that he knows what roauelaure really means, considering his own bwauty.

I love Anne Rice, but half way into book one, I was tired of all the spanking. I will most likely continue the series because I’m me and I feel the need to see what happens next. riquelaure

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

To ask other readers rkquelaure about Sleeping Beauty Trilogyplease sign up. His desire had been hard and almost painful to him when he had come into the room, and now it was urging him almost mercilessly. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire.

I can even handle -and like- stories with ambiguous consent, but utter degradation for the sole purpose breaking of someone I have a tough time with. That is, she must surrender to several years of humiliating sado-masochistic sexual servitude at the hands of the aristocracy and become a sex slave!

I certainly never found the combination of elements I wanted in anyone else’s erotica. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was the worst book I’ve read all freaking year.

These books are among the very few I as all too happy to just trash. It was out of sheer boredom. roquflaure

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

No offense to anyone who likes this book. Despite my usually high tolerance for kinky stories, I struggled through this book, with my teeth clenched and my fists balled in anger. Rape and nonconsensual sex do not do it for me.


It is degrading and disturbing but I read it all because I thought it’ll be better, but, oh boy. Second, this is shamelessly erotic. But different readers embraced the books almost at once.

You don’t want to watch and you know it will probably end badly, but you just can’t help yourself. And I have no idea how I was able to finish this. Lists with This Book.

I was all for reading a little naughty fairy-tale erotica from rkquelaure author I liked – but wow. Nope, the shocking nature of this tale seemed to come from it’s complete and total strangeness. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Now, how can an erotic story be sleeping These are crucial bits of info that I feel the public should know prior to purchase.

You must be able to completely give yourself over to the fantasy – leave your inhibitions and women’s empowerment at the door and enjoy. The writing isn’t so great, either. She then sentences both Laurent and Tristan to the village stable for Laurent’s rebelliousness and Tristan’s failure to become a good roquflaure. After stripping her naked he takes her to his kingdom, ruled by his mother Queen Eleanor, where Beauty is trained as a slave and a plaything. I have read and enjoyed erotica, even BDSM erotica before, but admittedly it’s been situations where the submissive is tacitly permitting their treatment rather than being tortured – I guess what I’m saying is I like my BDSM with an undercurrent of actual emotion and enjoyment and with a safe word, or at least with a measure of emotional investment from the sadist side.

I started reading these after 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe this is what you really want, and you don’t have to mark the hot pages because every beaugy is hot. Sep 01, mark monday roqurlaure it did not like it Shelves: