Andreas Nicolas Fischer (). Mercedes Fidanza (http:// ) Barcelona: Gustavo Gili. Dondis, A. (). La sintaxis de la imagen. ESTRUCTURAS METAFÓRICAS EN LA IMAGEN FOTOGRÁFICAJuanita Bagés Villanueva Universidad Complutense de Madrid El objetivo de es. NO+. which would be exhibited in the Centro Imagen gallery in Santiago. Guillermo La sintaxis de la imagen. The Group of Wolfgang Eichwede (. Dondis. Artpool and Enciklopédia Kiadó (Ed.). Andreas Hirsch.

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Imagne the huge number of shots, it is the photographer who selects and cuts the reality, chooses something, constructs a relation among objects and social events and expresses them in the photographic image:. Therefore, Le Breton notices that the photographic spreading of some groups will not take long in turning into a social control tool with judicial and repressive identification purposes.

The selection criteria for the presentation of the data consisted in choosing those which express continuities in the meaning, in the attempt of observing forces in tension dondsi result would be the change or the continuity of sintaxi form of a system, may be a world view. This is achieved due to the centered location of the gun and also the size in the image.

The analyzed photographic images exaggerate the prejudice about school actors. The representation of the body is being inscribed for more than a century in policies of control and discipline.

They are the chaos faces. ,a Ciencia Conicet, The images are useful tools for social scientists, since they are visual sources that provide with information of the message given. Photographies could be useful to deduce typological characteristics of the victims and aggressors, creating social types for each one under the assumption of a relation among the face features and the violent behaviors.

This first picture stands out a gun as the starring element. In the first one we can observe an injury on the ear, in the second one an injury on the face and the third one on the mouth.


Thus, the publication of a photography in the press produces under a filter of the media. As the media produce series which include more episodes of violence occurred in school stage, the feeling of a school associated to violence prevails with increasing certainty in the public opinion.

According to Bourdieu, it is the photographer the one who selects among the infinity of shots; the one who cuts the reality, chooses something, constructs a relation between objects and social events and captures in the photographic image: From the huge number of shots, it is the photographer who selects and cuts the reality, chooses something, constructs a relation among objects and social events and expresses them in the photographic image: The images as a cultural document can provide evidence on how a certain time is conceived and about its crisis.

Hoy, Image 5. The photographic image showed in the newspapers reveals something more than a cold copy or a fair copy of reality otherwise it is full of social meanings.

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Critical Pedagogies and Educational Problems. November 05, ; Revised: Young of social disadvantaged groups are presented as the faces of insecurity and the violence in school space. Abstract In this article, the main findings of a study are presented which reveals and interprets the discourses and images about violence in school ambience in the newspapers of the city of La Plata in Argentina.

The presence of this group of photographies seems to provide testimony with a particular persuasive force, that is to tell about the danger in episodes of violences at school. It is proof that it sinttaxis easier to think in images than in texts when trying to remember the information communicated by the media COLEMAN, About the symbolic struggle for the representation of an event Simtaxis will say: Continuities were searched in the series of images selected, with the purpose of finding forces imageb tension.

HOY, Image An expression of the time was the police and forensic photography of Bertillon 8 who established a massive program of photographic documentation and anthropometric measurement of which numerous exhaustive categorization albums turned out.


Thus, […] the media testimonies are windows from which comprehend the practices of the popular groups and the minorities based on disqualification.

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Some of the coverages mention: Likewise, the corpus imahen formed by paper and digital photographs. The objective was to approximate to the effects of the images diffused by the graphic media chosen, using as documents the material thickness 9 of the photographs used. In line with the investigations from the beginning of the XIX century, the photographies presented in the coverages of the violent episodes at school represent physiognomy types associated to specific behaviors. Ayuntament di Girona, El rostro y el retrato.

How will we react?

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How to cite this article. In relation to the records of the coordinate of situation 5the circumstances in which they were conceived is unknown and it removes a valuable information about the andreaa why of these visual documents. Philosophie de la photographie. The media categorize and describe naming and labelling the acts and people, locating an information in a section donds in another one and assigning hierarchy.

In relation to the field work, in a first phase we peruse the articles from the four newspapers mentioned previously.

Not a true copy. Portrait of a law-breaker.

As we mentioned already in the previous section, in the perused corpus portraits 6 were presented. Clima, conflicto y Violencia en las escuelas. Finally, we observe that the imagenn media present the faces of Boys and Young men of socially disadvantaged groups associated to violence episodes in schools.