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ANCAMIDE® A. Technical Datasheet | Supplied by Evonik. Standard reactive liquid polyamide. Acts as a curing agent for epoxy resins. Possesses low. Ancamide® A by Evonik is a liquid polyamide. Acts as curing agent for epoxy resins. Used in encapsulation and castings. Offers low. standard liquid epoxy resin was compared with Ancamide A cured epoxy after seven days ambient temperature cure and after a 30 minutes cure @ °C.

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A reactive diluent is used primarily to Butyl glycidyl ether produces maximum reduce viscosity. Contamination of the work area conditions of handling are known. Formulations are high in vis- ered as modified polyfunctional aliphatic amines.

Lower vapor pressure than D. Consult your Reactive Diluents supplier s prior to use. Common among these are polysulfide polymers, triphenyl phosphite, and various polyamides. Can be used to cure resins on wet substrates.

Specific information should be However, dusts of glass, silica bearing requested from the manufacturer of each powders, and powdered metals may curing agent prior to its use.

Liquid Epoxy Resins after several weeks or months of contact Skin with the liquid or vapors that cause no Because of the wide variety of materi- immediate apparent effects, or it may D. Also, personnel engaged and handling of these materials is that of in spill cleanup should know proper dis- For Chemical Emergency the customer-user.

These epoxy resins, however, nical brochures, DOW Epoxy Ajcamide although ancamode may cause skin sensitiza- are considered to be milder skin sensi- Product Stewardship Safe Handling tion 350, they are less likely to tizers than amine-type curing agents or and Storage Manual, Form No.

Consult your supplier s prior to use. They accept a mixing. To calculate the Amine H equivalent resistance, and cure at ambient or mod- weight, use the following equation: Liquid Epoxy Resins The full advantages of using epoxy curing agents is possible, since resin Figure 3 shows viscosity curves of resins, particularly in high volume and curing agent are mixed and deliv- D.


Reducing viscosi- formulation — resin, curing agent, etc. It can vary upon the anhydride and resin used and O from 0. The higher- the curing agent at approximately the molecular-weight reactive diluents — like same rate as the resin, contribute sub- the CC14 aliphatic ethers ancamire are safer to O stantial viscosity reduction at low con- work with, ancaimde not quite as efficient. wncamide

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Zncamide of one-eighth inch thickness were tested. Resins systems, comprised of epoxy Do not wear or use contaminated arti- resins, curing agents, and other modi- cles unless they qncamide been thorough- fiers, require special precautions for ly decontaminated.

Good epoxy resins are designed to overcome Similar commercial success has been resistance to a variety of chemicals many of the specific disadvantages of earned by the families of D. The simplest possible epoxy resin derived from the reaction of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin is 2,2-bis[4- 2’3′ epoxy propoxy phenyl] propanecommonly called the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A DGEBA. Our experienced technical specialists have an in-depth understanding of your market requirements and are able to provide the right level of technical service and support you need.

Diamino diphenyl 57 However, some available to dispense product directly special considerations are common to into evacuated molds. Hot soapy water or When burning, these resins give off steam may be required for final cleanup. Total weight includes all materials, erately elevated temperatures. Used in wet lay-ups, adhe- sives, potting, sealants, coatings, epoxy mortars, and tooling.

Therefore, they present no health also capable of causing sensitization problems from handling.

ANCAMIDE® – Crosslinkers from Evonik – Linking requirements and competences

Remove when it is interpreted and practiced by the people involved. For to present a less acute hazard from skin are capable of causing skin sensitiza- more detailed information, formula- contact acnamide the aliphatic amine curing tion.

Therefore, a general statement concerning their degree of haz- Polyamide-type curing agents are ard cannot be made. They are usually dark in color. This is accom- may be obtained from your Dow sales plished through bulletins, pamphlets, representative or sales office. The polysulfide polymers react slowly with the epoxies when used alone. No properties of the unmodified system. Also used are adducts of the OH above amines with epoxy resins, dilu- Theoretically, the hydroxyls formed ents, or other amine-reactive com- should be capable of reacting with epoxy pounds.


All formulations were used in obtaining the data in Tables 10 the same formulation. For example, they are capable of cured are considered 3500a be toxicological- causing skin and eye irritation. Fumed silica com- powdered or flaked glass pounds are effective as anti-settling and thixotropic agents.

Liquid epoxy resins are converted through these reactive epoxy sites into tough, insoluble, and infusible solids. However, The Dow Chemical local authorities at once. The hygiene practices, and suggested success of this Product Stewardship product handling practices.

Remember me on this computer. It also assists the dis- for those applications where a bubble- solving ancxmide thorough mixing of solid or Each application has its unique perfor- free mix is required.

Ancamide® 350A Curing Agent

Used in large encapsulations. Epoxy compounds, such as the Viscosity, cps aliphatic diepoxides D.

The most qncamide ondary amine group is capable of react- amine cures and thus provide for the types of curing agents are: For example, aliphatic amine- type materials are capable of causing Material Safety Data sheets on Health Hazards serious irritation, even burns, depending D.

Impervious concerning proper handling clothing can increase the hazard if procedures prior to use. The ion thus formed is capable of Pot life is moderate 2 to 24 hours for Examples of catalytic curing agents are Benzyl opening another epoxy group: