Alpen bank in Romania has been very successful in building a profitable Based on quantitative analysis, Carle should choose option-2, i.e., launch credit card. Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania Written Analysis of Case Presented to: Miss Tania Hassan Presented by: * Case Overview: Alpen bank has. As per the Case ‘Alpen Bank: Launching Credit Card in Romania”, the following explains strategy on Segment, Target, and Position. This Analysis also has.

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Alpen bank has to make a crucial decision whether or not they should launch the credit card business in Romania.

We will write a custom essay sample on Alpen Bank: Inthe country manager for Alpen Bank in Romania, Gregory Carle, considers whether to recommend the launch of a credit romanis business. Today’s middle class may become affluent customers of tomorrow as they have seen in other emerging countries — consumers are less likely to switch from one card to another. Firstly it is easy for bank to cater the need of the existing customers.

Launching Credit Card in Romania Essay.


Kasturi Rangan and Sunru Yong Keywords: Through exhibit 5 we determine the percentage of potential cardholder for each segment give in the above table column 3. Cite View Details Purchase. How to Write a Thematic Essay.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. How to Write a Critical Analysis. How will such measurement be useful? How do we develop a framework to measure the financial cost and benefits of social and environmental externalities?

The economy there was developing; a growing trends of luxury purchasing tthe, there was also an increasing likeliness of using card instead of cash and lastly other competitors had already taken similar strategies in the market.


Crerit you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Middle class were growing but very slow, less than half of the population were urban.

After getting a strong foothold in the market the Bank should focus of targeting the middle class as they are affluent class of tomorrow. He was also concerned about ceding potential middle-class customers to competing banks. Even with such growth launchkng market remained unpenetrated relative to other Central and Eastern European countries.

Consumer credit ; international business ; international marketing ; marketing strategy ; Product positioning ; Product introduction ; service management ; International Finance ; Product Positioning ; Marketing Strategy ; Service Operations ; Product Launch ; Credit. Kasturi Rangan and Sunru Yong. The middle class is also a potential market for the credit card. A compelling business case would need to address these issues for Alpen Bank to proceed with confidence.

Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Auth with social network: About the Author V. We think you have liked this presentation. Free-standing inserts FSIs were newspaper and magazine inserts or bind-ins that were inexpensive to circulate, but tended to have a very low response rate. Prior to introduction of the credit card in the market the Bank has to analyze whether an opportunity exists for the launch of the credit card. Also based on the Exhibit 4, all other competitor banks have a huge customer base in the middle and lower middle class segments.

Even merchants are still ignorant in accepting credit cards and prefer payments through cash Thus it shows that Alpen has an opportunity to cash on the credit card but it would require efforts especially in marketing the card. Technology and Operations Management.


Alpen Bank: Launching Credit Card in Romania Essay Example for Free

It seems that Alpen Bank has an opportunity as economic environment in Romania had changed from after it joined European Union. What are the challenges of doing so? Accessed December 31, The final objective of the analysis is to identify the profit generated if Alpen Bank serves Affluent class solely or it serves both. If Alpen Bank currently emphasize on Affluent class it would be safer for it rather than it focuses on middle class. Considering the economic and market conditions as explained in the case, Alpen Bank should launch a credit card.

Chapter 4 Money Management Managing Checking and Savings Accounts —Checking and savings accounts are the foundation of financial asset management —Cash.

So, Alpen Bank targeting Affluent and Most Affluent customers would be ideal target segment to enter without spending a alpeh more marketing and administrative costs. Students are required to complete bannk quantitative assignment as part of case analysis. They sign up merchants for card acceptance te provide the support that merchants require to process card transactions: Delivering Shareholder Value Clark P. This case is appropriate for use in the product policy module of a general marketing course, in a new product course, or in a services management course.

As per Table B and other Administrative costs details, Alpen should focus on marketing using Direct Sales, Branch Cross-Sell, and Direct Mail to selected affluent prospects so that Alpen can reach only their current Affluent customers and other selected Affluent non-customer Residents to keep the acquisition costs low. Shawn ColeV.