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1) GENERAL. Receiving range. E: ~ MHz. T.: ~ MHz. ~ MHz. ~ MHz. Modulation mode. FM, WFM . DJ-X3. DJ-X3 Handheld Receiver. Alinco wideband analog scanner. 1 General Specifications; 2 Mods; 3 Reviews and User Opinions; 4 Related Pages. Alinco DJ-X3. A picture of Alinco DJ-X3 New price in Sweden: SEK. Related documents: User manual ( Mb). Modifications.

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Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

In the memory scanmode, the operator can choose one specified bank, certain banks can be linked for scanning or one can choose to scan all banks. Attaching the Belt Clip Attach the belt clip on the rear side of the transceiver with the included screw. To update this software has been tested with alico Windows XP and believed mznual be working properly.

In addition to frequency information, it will also show the operating mode, memory channel, battery strength, signal strength and a number of other user-selected operating parameters.

DJ-X3 by Alinco, | Price and Technical specifications

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. PC utility software will be free down-loadable from this site. Check with the d-x3 that apply in your area before using. The following operations can be used while the keylock is ON.

Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators! These frequencies are called a “Program manuual channel”, and the DJ-X3 has 20 pairs of program scan channels.


The DJ-X3 has the following features: Easy operation is performed with a simple key arrangement that allows you to access a wide range of communications. Please be advised that this is a freeware copy-right reserved by Alinco, Inc.

Alinco DJ-X3 T Instruction Manual

You can select up to 5 banks from 10 0 to 9 programmed banks. The MHz cellular band can’t be modified by allinco means, and inversion scrambler decoder feature is blocked for the “T” model according to the U. When OFF is selected, this function does not work. There are 20 program and memory scan options.

Setting the Frequency In VFO Mode Rotating the dial increases or decreases the displayed frequency by a value determined by the selected tuning step. It is hard to find a listening microphone in a noisy environment. Page 48 If alincl appears on the display Keylock Keylock To prevent incorrect or unauthorized operations, you can lock the keys. It is recommended that you remove the older version before you install the latest one in case of alincp.

Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

ATT function attenuates the received signal about 20 dB. Memory Skip This function is for skipping the specified memory channel s when executing the Memory scan function. A frequency inversion scrambler decoder is integrated, this function makes it possible to make clear the voice communications otherwise incomprehensible.

This instruction manual contains important safety and operating. Listen to the fire brigade battling against time to save lives. When the operation is done and the “PASS” appears on the screen, please turn off the unit then nanual the cable from the unit.


What is it worth?


Prevent Short Circuiting The Battery Pack Prevent Short Circuiting the Battery Pack Be extra cautious when carrying the battery pack; short-circuiting will produce surge current possibly resulting in fire.

You can also decode inversion scrambled signals. Program Scan Program Scan This function scans a specified range of frequencies.

Lightweight and compact radio scanner, with only grams, the DJ-X3 is aimed at those who practice radio-listening in AM and FM modes only and that need a simple device, with just four main keys, and equipped with the few functions that really need. To submit a price, please login or register an account.

Setting Bank Link This is the setting for the “Bank link scan”, which scans specified multiple banks. The operator has four selectable antenna choices: The DJ-X3T has three operating profiles: We have collected for your convenience the DJ-X3 Alinco sales prices and their trend over time.

Precautions No warranty is made on the effectiveness of the “Bug Detector” function.