Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado. animgif. The philosophical notion that the cosmos is filled by a superfine gas, called Aether, originates. May 1, Aethro Kinematics Steven Rado Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. File Size, MB. Create Date, May 1, Aethro-kinematics Amazon. Steven Rado () Steven Rado () Biography. All rights reserved. © Aethron Press. SetevenRado’s.

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Biophysics & Aether Research: Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado

More publicity is needed!!!!!! Incrivelmente absorvente do primeiro ao This method is called the Galilean. Common sense physics for resolving modern mathematical paradoxes.

Initially James Clerk Maxwell suggested the experiment in the same article,quoted above: The somewhat simpler system of quantum theoryrevolutionizes the classical conception of continuity of energy and radiation and empirically establishes the fundamental quantumof interchange of energy between radiation and matter.

Be kinematiics first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Let us assume,that the light waves move through ether as sound waves moved through air. Using his Aethro-Kinematics theory, he then approaches every single instance where physics has failed since the s and provides the Aethero-Kinematical explanation for gravity, magnetics, photoelectric aetgro If the room is closed,the air is forced to move with it.

As the Aether theory strengthened kibematics hope gradually increased that a unification of mechanics and electromagnetism might be achieved by designing a workable model of the Aether with characteristics that somehow eliminate the problems of duality. Customers who bought this item also atehro. In the back, there is also a table of references. Therefore, as long as the speed of the object is much smaller than that of sound, no bulk density changes accumulate in front of the moving object.


The most successful was the Contraction Theory of G. This was the difference that has never been found and the null result became the starting point of the Special Theory of Relativity. Lorentz,who showed that, based on the electromagnetic structure of matter, the resistance of aether would indeed produce a contraction in the same ratio as Fitzgerald proposed. No doubt,the measuredspeed of the sound-waves will be different when it is taken in different directions on the top arthro a railroad car which moves relative to the motionless air.

Aethro – kinematics

Cashback within 3 days from shipment. The reinstatement of common sense and classical logic. Statis- tically they have an average speed and an average collision free path, meaning that the gas has an average density, a given compressibility and elasticity.

One of the questions which arose from the duality of classical physics was about the model of the allpervading aether. Sometimes it is necessary to compare the positions,motions or the velocities of a body,observed from two different coordinate systems,which are moving relative to each other. Write a product review. If all solid bodies contract in the direction of their motion,then the measuring of distances will also be affected by the motion of the devices and the null result can be explained.

Where C is the velocity of light and Vis the velocity of the body,both measured relative to the motionless aether. To give a proper quantitative description for these phenomena,two entirely new theoretical systems had to be developed:. Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? At first I thought perhaps this was just some scam pdf, but I checked around for other online-viewable pages of the book, and saw otherwise – reasoned equations, and references to known authors.


See our Returns Policy. If you’re prepared to devote serious time to the subject, and realise that what he’s konematics about is just a model, but one that does have some very interesting properties, Steven Rado has worked out the details of a mechanical model and you must read his book.

Aethro – kinematics – Aethro-kinematics – Steven Rado

Could theory correlate these two totally contradictory requirements? I personally have a signed copy this book by the author who is no longer with us.

Hence, Aether has been replaced by this unique mathematical Space but it has preserved the whole initial duality conflict within itself. Action-at-a-distance violates all our Earthly experience.

We gain nothing by knit-picking on the inconsistencies of modern theories because the germs of our present perplexities were not originated kknematics them. Let us now imagine that our room moves uniformly through space.

Thus, at flight-speeds approaching the speed of sound, air must be taken as compressible for the consideration of the accumulation of a local density increase and therefore an increase in the local air-resistance. He does go into some ethical discussions towards science, mostly sarcastically, and there are a few typos here and there, and one or two charts that have some mistakes kniematics obviously accidental arrows left in.

Both systems are now accepted pillars of modern physics.