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Decision of the Council of Ministers No. Concerns the payment of insurance subsidies. Regulations on Security Investigations and Investigations of Records, Financial and social rights for service branches Section 1: Collective agreement sqyl health and social services Section 4: Modifies Section 6 of Lawproviding that an agriculturist who wishes to contribute to the social security programme must first apply.

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Amends the article paragraph A and paragraph 3 related to the maternity leave of civil servants. Amends sections 14 membership16 resignation from membership18 protection from discrimination because of membership25 membership fees30 criteria for determination of competent trade unions and confederations to conduct collective bargaining35 travel expenses of persons involved in colective bargaining of Act No.

Objective, content and definitions; II. Sphere of the impact of the Law Article II: Aims at helping several strategically important enterprises having through preventing from worsening their financial situation and cancelling fines for companies in order to ensure the appropriate level of pension provision to the employees of these companies.

Responsibility for Violation 495 Legislation on State Service. Entry into force; E. In State forests, forestry administration shall be required to pay compensation for any sayk belongings and equipment of fire fighters which are damaged while fighting the fire. It amends Article 10 d concerning application forms and repeals para.


Duties of the Military Part IV: Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, supplementing part 2 of article Liability for the violation of the labour legislation with new paragraph which establishes penalty for failure to comply with the guarantees and privileges set by law for workers who carry out obligations according to the Law “On Military Duty and Military Service”, the Law “On Alternative Not Military Service”, the Law “On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization”. Principle and procedures; D.

Requirements for State bodies’ employees. Section 5 sets forth separate dress codes for men and women.

Başbakanlık Mevzuatı Geliştirme ve Yayın Genel Müdürlüğü

Regulations on the system and bases of power in accordance with the Act No. Annual Confidential Reports Supplements articles 12 Benefits for participants of hostilities and persons equated to them and 13 Benefits for the disabled of the war with new wording concerning the veterans of the war of with Imperialistic Japan.

It also amends annexes I class of general administrative services and IV authority compensation. Concerns the general health insurance of public officers and the payment of their medical costs in accordance with the Social Insurance and General Health insurance Act No. Establishes legal, economic and organizational bases for observing, renovation, development and support of folk art.

Planning and application of personnel training; V. States that the minimum wage is not a bargaining wage but a wage sufficient to ensure the wellbeing of the worker and is determined by objective scientific methods. Gives the government discretion to modify certain laws so as to improve the functioning of the Public Service and Public Servants.

The Procedure is attached to the ordinance. Provides that in some specific cases, the Turkish Labour Foundation, which is in charge of employment in the agricultural area, may have to appeal to agents to find works and workers in this sector. Collective agreement on transportation services Section 9: Provides information regarding kanuj who fall under the scope of the Act and persons in charge of the calculation of the additional salary etc.


III part D Compensation for kahun services. Prescription of Salaries Amendment Act Specifies the method for the calculation of the minimum wage. In line with the Civil Servants’ Act No. Prohibits labour in the lack of surveillance by a mining engineer. Provides that the minimum wage shall not be the object of bargaining and specifies method of calculating minimum wage.

Provides that the number of public employee members of trade unions shall be established each year by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The Procedure includes the following: Using Private Accommodations Chapter V: Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of 25 December to amend the Regulations on employment of public servants who were victims of terrorism and became invalids but are able to work, and members of their family.

Chapter 4 concernes sqyl and modalities of the service. Chapter 7 concerns the education of civil servants. Regulation of Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning disciplinary procedures as applied to the management of the Institution for Social Insurance for Small Merchants and Independent Workers.

Regulations on section 41 of the Act No. Act of 30 December on hydrocarbon resources.

Amends section 14 relating to pension insurance for workers employed in underground works.