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Procitah ovo pa mi nije jasno.

1000 Zasto 1000 Zato.pdf

E, da, samo da podsjetim da sto sam napisao, da mi poslije ne bi rekao “Ne, nisi to napisao! I will not reprove thee for thy sacrifices or thy burnt-offerings, they have been continually before me.

For [the promises and the threats] are but the means of leading to this chief object. Slartibartfast Pogledaj profil 10000 Posjeti Slartibartfast zasfo Uglvnom, recimo, Rambam pise, u “Vodicu za zabludjele”, da je “zrtvovanje zapravo samo ustupak da bi se potpuno izbacilo iz upotrebe”.

Consider it well, and reflect on it. If it were part of His will to change [at His desire] the nature of any person, the mission of prophets and the giving of the Law would have been altogether superfluous.

Ako je vjerski ispravno bilo ih nositi samo pri molitvi a postalo je obavezno zbog drugih razloga da li Zidovi neki od mojih prijatelja koji ponekad nose druge kape bejzbol i sl.

On the contrary, all this is prohibited unto us.

Those precepts which in your opinion are only the means and not the object would then have been unnecessary. He made it obligatory that certain gifts, called the gifts of the Levites and the priests, should be assigned to them for their maintenance while they are engaged in the service of the temple and its sacrifices.

Židovstvo – zašto, zato – Stranica 13 –

We were not commanded to sacrifice in every place, and in every time, or to build a temple in every place, or to permit any one who desires to become priest and to sacrifice. You, however, have ignored this object, and taken hold of that which is only the means of obtaining it; you have doubted my existence,” ye have denied the Lord, and said he is not” Jer.


Because of this principle which I explained to you, the Prophets in their books are frequently found to rebuke their fellow-men for being over-zealous and exerting themselves too much in bringing sacrifices: Stranica 13 od For it is distinctly stated in Scripture, and handed down by tradition, that the first commandments communicated to us did not include any law at an about burnt-offering and sacrifice.

There occurs in the Law a passage which contains exactly the same idea; it is the following: Now God sent Moses to make [the Israelites] a kingdom of priests and a holy nation Exod.

zasto zato by Vojin Ancic ()

For this reason God allowed these kinds of service to continue; He transferred to His service that which had formerly served as a worship of created beings, and of things imaginary and unreal, and commanded us to serve Him in the same manner; viz.

It was the result of God’s wisdom that the Israelites were led about in the wilderness till they acquired courage. It is contrary to man’s nature that he should suddenly abandon all the different kinds of Divine service and the different customs in which he has been brought up, and which have been so general, that they were considered as a matter of course; it would be just as if a person trained to work as a slave with mortar and bricks, or similar things, should interrupt his work, clean his hands, and at once fight with real giants.

The Israelites were commanded to devote themselves to His service; comp.

I will take no bullock out of thy house, nor he-goats out of thy folds” Ps. All these restrictions served to limit this kind of worship, and keep it within those bounds within which God did not think it necessary to abolish sacrificial service altogether.

Pretpostavljam da zrtvovanja zivotinja vise nema od kad nema hrama. And come and stand before me in this house” ibid. Here God led the people about, away from the direct road which He originally intended, because He feared they might meet on that way with hardships too great for their ordinary strength; He took them by another road in order to obtain thereby His original object. Recimo bila bi demokracija. Samuel therefore said,” Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt-offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord” I Sam.


As the sacrificial service is not the primary object [of the commandments about sacrifice], whilst supplications, Prayerss and similar kinds of worship are nearer to the primary object, and indispensable for obtaining it, a great difference was made in the Law between these two kinds of service.

For zastto reason it is distinctly added,” in the day that I brought them out from the land of Egypt. The sense of the passage agrees with what I explained to you. In the same way the portion of the Law under discussion is the result of divine wisdom, according to which people are allowed to continue the 100 of worship to which they have been accustomed, in order that they might acquire the true faith, which is the chief object [of God’s commandments].

We have thus proved that the first laws do not refer to burnt-offering and sacrifice, which are of secondary importance. As it is the chief object and purpose of God that we should believe in the Law, and act according to that which is written therein, why has He not given us the capacity of continually believing in it, and following its guidance, instead of holding out to us reward for obedience, and punishment for disobedience, or of actually giving all the predicted reward and punishment?

The one kind, which consists in offering sacrifices, although the sacrifices are offered to the name of God, has not been made obligatory for us to the same extent as it had been before. I am God, even thy Zao. Da li ju je danas i u vjerskom smislu obavezno nositi?